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Leadership and Participation

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Established in January 2015, NCWO’s Corporate Women’s Network (CWN) brings together corporate women’s network groups and diversity & inclusion teams.

The objectives of the CWN are:

• To build NCWO’s network of corporate women’s groups
• To engage them in NCWO’s advocacy efforts and programmes
• To help address the concerns of private sector working women (work-life balance, sexual harassment, health etc) as well as monitor and facilitate their advancement to higher levels of corporate leadership.

A CWN gathering was held on 10 February 2015 which brought together corporate women from several women’s groups within corporations. The consultations raised the need for capacity building, spaces for joint consultation and need for greater advocacy to engender policies within corporations.

In order to address the need for capacity building, NCWO engaged with MIM (Malaysia Institute of Management) on a collaborative partnership to develop targeted programmes for


Engaging KPWKM is critical as it is the lead ministry in government to advance women in decision making positions. As the timeline for the policy of 30% women in decision making positions draws to a conclusion in 2016, NCWO had several meetings with KPWKM to discuss and plan the next steps in advancing the process. In this regard, NCWO also worked with an additional partner, ASLI and CPPS ie the Asian Strategic and Leadership Institute and the Centre for Public Policy Studies. A Roundtable dialogue was organised for agencies and key corporate sector partners involved in the implementation of the policy to ensure 30% corporate senior decision making positions are held by women. The Roundtable will be followed by a quarterly review of the process.