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Unity and Peace

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NCWO recognizes that women have always been the custodians of peace and harmony in the family and community. The Unity Committee seeks to:

• Contribute to the discourse on moderation and unity and engage communities, particularly women and empower them to effect positive change within their spaces of influence.
• Engage with relevant government agencies and influence policies related to the unity well being index of the country.
• Work with like-minded civil society organisations, think-tanks and academicians to widen the circles of moderate thinking and collaborate to collectively impact a positive culture of harmony and unity.


Some of our initiatives in 2015/2016 include :

“The Malaysia We Want For Our Family and Community” Forum

The first forum was organised by our affiliate FOMSO and supported by NCWO in March 2015.At the event, there was a call for more such forums to be organised to engage the public is a discourse on the Malaysia we all want. NCWO decided to adopt the theme and organised the Children engaged in Play Therapy Staff and Volunteer Training 35 programme as part of our Unity Committee’s initiate. Two proposals were drawn up; one for a Forum and another, a Workshop for university students. The topics of the forum focusses on the topics of Moderation, Governance and Common Values. It seeks to engage communities to articulate their aspirations for the Malaysia they want and to consider ways in which they can contribute towards realising those aspirations – as a citizen, as policy makers, members of corporations or community. A visit was made to the Minister of Unity, YB Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Panglima Joseph Kurup. He responded positively to the ideas shared. The proposal was then shared with the Department of National Unity and Integration who have now sponsored the Forum held on 19 November 2016 at the BAC Campus in Petaling Jaya.


Harmony Walk and Children’s Workshop

NCWO’s proposal for a Harmony Walk was incorporated into a walk in conjunction with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The event a collaboration by KPWKM, Soroptimist Malaysia and NCWO was renamed “Walk The Talk”. It was held on 27 November at Taman Botani (Lake Gardens). A special Children’s Workshop on the theme : The Malaysia We Want for Our Family and Community was organised by NCWO as a parallel programme at the venue. The workshop brought together 60 children from diverse backgrounds for an interactive session facilitated by peers to enable them to envision and articulate the Malaysia they want for their family and community. The programme aimed to empower the children to see themselves as changeagents for community and harmony within their families and society.

Peace Walks

We participated in Peace Walks organised by The Star and the Women for Peace Walk by Pure Life Society.

Participation in the National Unity Discourse

NCWO has participated in several forums and meetings promoting unity and peace. Some of them include forums organised by the Malaysia Institute of Integrity, PCORE and LPPKN.